5 Tips for Diving Properly and Safely

DIVING lately attracted many by the traveler because they can see life under the sea.

Although beautiful, if not balanced with the knowledge of diving it will make the diving process damaged or you can only panic and endanger the adventure.

Well dangerous right? So better first refer to the tips before dive galapagos liveaboard.

Beware of health

While diving it turns out many people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma or ear disorders. Because the pressure under the sea is very large and fatal, it is better to check the health first before diving.

Go with friends

If you feel the experience is not enough, better dive with friends or instructors. In order to be in a safe zone, they can guide you when you make mistakes at sea and they can save you when you are in danger.

Confidence in the water

A certified diver divers should be able to divebooker as deep as 200 meters and should be able to get out of the water in ten minutes. Although equipped with equipment must be in the state of the device becomes damaged. Do not panic the point, keep swimming, and entrust water to take you to the surface.

Avoid the rainy season

Diving in the rainy season will endanger your life under water because the waves or storms often come in this season. Usually, the rainy season occurs in May to November in Southeast Asia.

Respect nature

As corals beneath there, you are more appreciative by not touching the coral reef or bringing home. Because it can hurt them. Watch them (fish and other reefs) as new with unborn single babies needing love in care and to maintain their existence to awaken beauty and wholeness as they are a part of God’s creation of life. Respecting the underwater world means you respect yourself and God’s creation