Canadian eTA

Are you planning for a visit to Canada and you are in the process of enquiring more about the travel visa? The Canadian government has implemented a travel verification system that is web-based for VISA with an exception to foreign nationals. The system is known as electronic Travel Authorization(eTA). This program is just but one of the many initiatives that the government of Canada has undertaken as part of the agreement with the US in order to secure the border they share in a better way and further their collaborations in sharing Visa and immigration information that they may gather. The enforcement of Canada eta is an initiative in response to that agreement. However, citizens of some countries such as Belgium. Germany and Italy among others are required to obtain an eTA before they depart to Canada.

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Canada eTA

This system is just like any other digital travel verification systems that are operating in many of the developed countries such as Australia and the United States. It confirms the suitability of an individual to travel to Canada. It is similar to a typical visa only that the application and release of eTA are entirely done online. Since Canadians are not restricted to travel in the US, the same benefits are likely to apply to US citizens who want to come to Canada, meaning they will not be requiring the eTA. Also for the foreign nationals who are supposed to apply for visas in order to travel to Canada, they are exempted from ETA’s because they already have their own travel approval process.

Application of Canada eTA

This is an electronic process and you are required to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website where you will be asked to provide your personal information such as date of birth, your name, and fingerprints. The authorization of the process is generated via the website, printed out and then it is submitted to the respective immigration officials along with your other travel documentation before you depart for Canada.

Benefits of eTA systems

This system makes it easier to identify those individuals that are undesirable and inadmissible like those that have no flying orders or have criminal records thus preventing them from entering the country. It has also contributed to the improvement of security in the border and development in economic competitiveness. It also gives the CIC a way to track the patterns of the foreigners who are Visa exempted and gather their data.