22 award-winning photos from the 2021 Creative Photography Siena Awards


The Creative Photo Award, an annual international competition hosted by photographers and art enthusiasts in Siena, Italy, which rewards visionary artists presenting images of beauty, culture and nature from around the world, announced the winners of its prestigious competition this year .

The Creative Photo Awards are one of three international photo competitions organized by Art photo travel, a non-profit institution that “creates cultural initiatives aimed at disseminating, promoting and enhancing art, monuments, traditions, cultures and natural beauty from around the world”, as the organizers explain.

The 2021 competition received the most international participation of all time: nearly 48,000 images by amateur and professional photographers in 156 countries.

The winners of the price of photography will participate in Siena International Visual Arts Festival, an awards ceremony presenting individual and collective exhibitions from all over the world and offering workshops, photographic tours, seminars, conferences, screenings and guided tours to discover the Sienese territory of Tuscany.

MORE FORBES25 exceptional artistic photos, winners of the 2021 International Siena Creative Photography Awards

Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021, @SIPAContest, open to all photographers, professionals, enthusiasts and new talents, sits at the inventive and experimental end of the photography competition spectrum with a clear rule: “only the final effect counts”.

The following is a selection of amazing images of people and animals from different categories:

Animals and pets

The value per kilo of a rhino horn on the black market: $ 60,000. It’s more than gold.

But his life is priceless. Unlike ivory elephant tusks, rhino horns are made of keratin, the same material as fingernails. The ignorance and superstition of some humans endow it with fictitious medicinal properties.

Yet, as with so many others, if there are buyers, there will be sellers. It will only end with education.

A young mother swan briefly closes her eyes while keeping an eye on one of her signet rings that recently took to the water for the first time.


The contrast between man and machine is enhanced by the dark colors of the machine and the fair skin of the model. Due to the curved back, the shape of the machine is transferred to the person.

It serves as a symbol of the forced adaptation of people to the machine.

Beauty and fashion

An exploration of the concept of beauty from within. “Beauty is a state of being calm, peaceful and serene,” explains the photographer. “It’s basically a part of your body, your mind, and your soul. It gives off a feeling of balance.

Subject shares a veiled but open gaze as she shares her pride in herself, showing both strength and vulnerability. Caught in the soft light of the Dutch master painters, a new strong Dutch woman.

Although we are more and more connected, we still feel lonely and our deep feelings are as fragile as the bubbles we blew when we were children.

A Bangladeshi bride wears traditional attire: a red sari, chunky jewelry, and red roses in her hair are the staples of a traditional Bangladeshi wedding.

This photograph is the result of a long creative journey inspired by La Catrina, the Mexican personification of death.

La Catrina was both very angular (literally, a skeleton) and also exaggerated feminine (hourglass figure, flowery, with a hat).


Robbie was burned in an accident in his bedroom at the age of four. This resulted in burns to 95% of his body and the loss of his fingers.

He has had a difficult life but continues to work hard and live as normal an adult life as possible.

With a nod to the Old Masters, this portrait of a young African woman as in Johannes Vermeer’s painting, “The girl with the pearl earring”

Part of a series utilizing geometry, bold pops of color and surrealism, “The Cubist II” is a whimsical portrayal of a young smoker.

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