6 photographers show the world their stunning creative photography


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We love all types of photography here at The Phoblographer. However, we have to admit that some of what we are seeing is a bit boring. That’s not to say it’s bad photography, but many photographers do the same without pushing their creative limits. The good news is, we’re not going to subject you to all of this. We’re going to share a roundup of off-the-beaten-path photographers – a collection of works that show off their artistic flair and creative photography.

Mike Zawadzki takes creative photos at weddings

Wedding photography is hard work. For many photographers, successful shooting is their primary goal. But dealing with the stress that comes with the job while being creative is a whole new level of talent. And that’s precisely what Mike Zawadzki does. Her creative wedding photography made us want to get married! He captures the essence of the moment, then splashes his unique aesthetic into it. It’s great work, and you can see more here.

Sudhir Ramman uses natural light for his creative photography

Fans of avant-garde photography will certainly appreciate Sudhir Ramman’s work. His portraits flirt with the indulgent side of life. His works push the boundaries, allowing you to wonder if he’s gone too far and draw your own conclusions. Whether you agree with his style or not, there’s no denying that his work makes you look twice, and it’s anything but boring. Want to see more? Check it out here.

Teemu Jarvinen goes cinematic with his street photography

If there is one genre that has become obsolete, it’s Street photography. Unfortunately, too many photographers do the same and research like on Instagram. But Teemu Jarvinen wants to find his own voice. He wants his work to be instantly recognizable. It will take time, but he is on the right track. You will love his cinematic street photography, which you can see here.

Jenna Shouldice documents one of life’s most precious moments

Childbirth is the highlight of many people’s lives. It is clearly not easy, but it seems to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences a person can have. Photographer Jenna Shouldice captures this moment. She gets intimate access to the full process of childbirth. It is a unique niche: one that requires a lot of empathy and delicacy. Shouldice does an amazing job, and you can see it for yourself here.

Dmitri Pryahin Deepens A Person’s Inner Monologue

Imagine if we could see what everyone is thinking and feeling inside? Fortunately, this is not possible. But for those who want to express what they feel and say to themselves, Dmitri Pryahinis is ready to photograph it. His portraits can seem bizarre. But if you spend time with them, you will find that they reflect what many of us often think and feel. Looked here.

Debabrata Ray shows us the Bears project

The beard game has come to the forefront of the mainstream over the past decade. The once clean-shaven expectation imposed on men is a thing of the past. Now men groom beards in many different shapes and sizes. For her series The Beards Project, Debabrata Ray photographed men and their unique beards. So if you need some inspiration on what to do with your facial here, you will definitely find it. here.

Show us your creative photography

We’re addicted to creative photography here at The Phoblographer. If we don’t get our fix bad things happen! So please connect us with your creative photography so we can run smoothly! You can send it to the arts [at] thephoblograher.com

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