Beijing: mixed blood by CYJO at the Three Shadows Photography Art Center


CYJO Mixed blood celebrated the completion of his mainland China tour at Three Shadows Photographic Art Center. The photographic and textual project opens the doors to the living quarters of certain families, inviting the viewer to engage in their portraits and their personal stories. Mixed blood studies the shaping of identity and culture through tradition, modernization, citizenship and ethnicity.

“I feel a strong connection to the portraits and stories of CYJO’s Mixed Blood. They are both familiar and provocative. They highlight the borrowing, picking, reshaping and rejecting that we do by fixing our identities at a particular time, in a particular space, and for a particular purpose. – Dr Maya Soetoro-Ng, internationally renowned educator, sister of President Obama

“Half-blood families exhibit the unprecedented diversity of human relationships and the increased mixing of races and cultures in the 21st century. At the same time, the series suggests the evolving role of individuals and families in defining their own unique identities and shaping their own values ​​in a way that uses race and ethnicity as a partial framework, but which also begins … to blur traditional lines and create new categories and connections. – Nik Apostolides, curator

Mixed blood
From March 7 to April 3, 2015
Three Shadows Photographic Art Center
155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang district
Beijing 100015

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