Center for Creative Photography honors journalist David Hume Kennerly


The Center for Creative Photography will be hosting three free exhibitions to recognize the decades of photography renowned journalist David Hume Kennerly has produced during his career.

Kennerly has worked in photojournalism for over 50 years. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography at the age of 25, then became the chief White House photographer under President Gerald Ford in 1974.

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According to the center websiteAccording to the centre’s website, Kennerly was named the University of Arizona’s first Presidential Fellow, which is an honorary CCP-based appointment that “exemplifies the university’s commitment to advancing meaning and understanding. interdisciplinary work in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Sciences.”


There will be Kennerly photo tours on the UA Mall and an exhibit of some of Kennerly’s best known photos in Old Main. Additionally, Pulitzer and Kennerly Prize-winning writer Jon Meacham will hold a discussion on the effect photography has on people’s lives, according to Gina Compitello, the centre’s senior marketing and public relations manager.

Compitello said the UA Mall photo tours will be organized by themes of Kennerly’s work, such as the presidential campaigns he has covered.

According to Compitello, the photo tours will be in place from Friday October 11 through Monday October 14 and will occasionally be relocated due to various family weekend events, such as rear hatches, but will mostly stay near Old Main.

“I think it’s going to be really amazing for people to be able to walk among his photos and kind of understand the work that a photographer can do,” said Compitello.

According to Compitello, the Old Main exhibition will be open from Friday October 11 and will continue. Some of Kennerly’s best-known photos will be on display in the Old Main rooms.

“Old Main is just a great look at Kennerly’s work, and you can browse and learn more about each photo and see those moments he was there for,” said Compitello.

Compitello has stated that the event with Kennerly and Meacham at Centennial Hall will only take place on Friday, October 11 at 7 p.m. She said the event is free, but tickets still need to be picked up to go to the event.

“The two of them have this conversation on stage about what photography means in our lives,” said Compitello. “So exploring the impact of photography on our world and how it helps us understand things, because a lot of people – I mean, for a lot of us now – the way we understand what’s going on in the world is to see pictures. “

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Compitello said the center chose Family Weekend to open the exhibit so Kennerly’s work can be shown to as many people as possible.

“Really, we want as many students and their families to have access to it as possible,” said Compitello. “And so scheduling it on something like Family Weekend means more people can come and especially since it’s all free.”

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