Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part 2)


Awakening your creative mind can be a challenge, but from my previous post “Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part One)”, I hope these challenges help you overcome your creative rut. Sometimes it’s hard to spot simple things and sometimes you just don’t have the motivation to take that shot. There are tons of options for honing your creative skills, but I find these challenges relaxing. Here are a few more challenges to keep you going.

Challenge 7: Over 20 years

Go to a crowded place and place at least twenty people in your photo without capturing their faces.

I thought of different ways to hide their faces, from blurring it to the photograph of the neck below. But I found that photographing them in silhouette was the best way to capture this challenge.

Challenge 8: One

Shoot a subject and frame it in your shot. Use the rule of thirds or even master your composition. Just make sure you have a well framed main subject.

With this photo, I literally looked up and saw this lonely bird relax. It reminded me of musical notes with a single note hanging out.

Challenge 9: Fly

Take a picture of a subject that’s in the air, it can be anything or anyone. Blow up your friend or wait for a plane to pass.

I saw seagulls flying just above me and walked over to capture this on my iPhone.

Challenge 10: Mixing colors

Find something that has a nice mix of colors and photograph it to make it work. Train your eye to see which color goes well. Google some nice color palettes for ideas.

I saw this and immediately thought of this challenge. These colors work really well together.

Challenge 11: Change it

Try to photograph a different kind. For example, if you are photographing people, try photographing objects; if you are photographing food, try photographing people. Something you don’t know or haven’t tried yet.

I took a few Stormtrooper figures and made a concept out of them.

Challenge 12: Unique light source

Use a light source in a dark environment. Capture lots of shadows and master the places with good light. For the most part, this plan will be strange.

I used a light source for this just above his head.

Challenge 13: Symmetrical

Photograph something symmetrical

I just had to capture this symmetry. It was in a theme park and this arch was a bungee jump.

Whether you’re creating your own series, developing a new technique, or wanting to be one of the pros, one photographic truth will always remain: lighting matters. What sets professional photographers apart from the rest of the photographers is the ability to transform light into a wonderful and fascinating design, tailored to the subject and the client. Keep in mind that lighting is essential and that by practicing these challenges you can achieve greatness and overcome your creative rut. Show us your challenges below, we’d love to see what you’ve created.

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