Nigeria: Creative Photography Masterclass Exhibition Places at Ikoyi


The second group photography exhibition of the 2019 Creative Photography Masterclass participants will be held at the Thought Pyramid Art Center, Ikoyi, Lagos from August 17-23.

Described as one of the most prestigious photography workshops in Africa, the masterclass features a high level faculty as a facilitator. These include award-winning photographers with many years of experience, namely Tam Fiofori, Don Barber, Uche James Iroha, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, George Osodi, Hakeem Salaam, Yetunde Babaeko, Andrew Esiebo, Adolphus Opara, Gbile Osadupe, Boye Ola, Nkemakonam Anaebonam and Magnus Maduekwe.

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