The art of minimal photography frames everyday people in striking settings


Photographer Helena Georgiou captures subjects that are often overlooked in our daily lives. His impressive portfolio features many portraits of people we would likely meet on the street without a second glance. Georgiou gives them the limelight in his compositions, with a facet of these portraits against daring outdoor landscapes. Using vivid colors and repeating patterns, these people, some in the front and center, others obscured, are framed by their surroundings. The result is eye-catching minimal photographic art.

Georgiou’s fine art photography is the result of his passion for “creativity and detail”. She explains: “Through them, I express my feelings and also try to bring my experiences of my travels, my reflections. My biggest influences, however, are poetry and literature. I believe that the most important quality of a photograph, as in any art, is its ability to evoke an emotional response.

By associating the small figures with grandiose landscapes, we remember two things: how beautiful the everyday world is and how we are only a small part of the whole giant. We should take more time to notice those quiet, unpretentious moments while doing our part to make the world shine.

Georgiou sells his work in the form of prints. For more information, visit his Tumblr.

Through her minimal photographic art, Helena Georgiou captures ordinary people alongside striking exteriors and vibrant patterns.

Minimal photography artMinimal photography artHelena Georgiou art photography

Abstract art photography reminds us that the world is beautiful …

Helena Georgiou art photographyHelena Georgiou art photographyHelena Georgiou art photography

… And how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

Helena Georgiou art photographyOutdoor photography

We need to admire the daily beauty that surrounds us while doing our part to make the world shine.

Outdoor photographyOutdoor photographyHelena Georgiou art photographyMinimal photography artHelena Georgiou art photographyOutdoor photographyMinimal photography artHelena Georgiou: Tumblr | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to use the photos of Helena Georgiou.

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