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Anne Breckenridge Barrett, left, director of the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, left, and Becky Senf, chief curator, with the exhibit Richard Avedon,

Rick Wiley / Arizona Daily Star

By Ann Brown Arizona Daily Star

Anne Breckenridge Barrett is exactly where she wants to be: in Tucson at the Center for Creative Photography.

Breckenridge Barrett began her appointment as director in January.

“Annie is a dynamic leader with a wealth of experience and a passion for advancing the CCP to greater prominence,” said R. Brooks Jeffery, associate vice president for research, in a press release to ‘October 2017.

Breckenridge Barrett holds a BA in Art History from American University in his hometown of Washington, DC, and an MBA in Visual Arts from New York University.

She had worked in several museums when a mentor encouraged her to study law and combine her knowledge and love of museums with law and business practices.

Barrett received her law degree from Vermont Law School, where she met her husband, a third generation Tucsonian who was majoring in environmental law.

She practiced corporate law, worked for the state attorney general’s office in Tucson, and was the COO of an arts education group. She and her family realized that if her career was going to progress, they would have to leave Tucson.

She became director of collections and exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in 2013. At MCA, she has directed and produced major exhibitions such as “David Bowie Is,” according to press documents. Her husband and kids missed the desert, and she commuted between Tucson and Chicago for a few years before heading to the downtown.

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