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Cain Buchmeier, Times correspondent

For the second year in a row, Paris welcomes university students from the Region who are studying photography and art appreciation in addition to exploring the city’s historic monuments.

Last summer, four students from Purdue Northwest participated in the Paris study abroad program. This year, nine of them left for the City of Light on May 14 and are expected to return on June 10.

Erica McDermott, a second-year communications student at PNW, is enrolled in Photography and Art Appreciation classes, taught by PNW’s Communication and Creative Arts Department Head, Dr. Thomas J. Roach, and Lecturer, respectively. PNW permanent, Ken Bronowski.

“It’s a dream for me to visit Paris since I was little. My room was Paris themed and my family even has photos of Parisian landscapes around the house, ”McDermott said. “When the opportunity arose, I just couldn’t say no. “

Places included on the itinerary include the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, as well as several modern art museums and private galleries.

Haley Smith, a senior communications student at PNW, spent nearly a month studying in Paris last summer and said it was a fun and eye-opening experience to be immersed in the culture without being able to speak French .

“Some of us got lost like day three and we had never sailed a map before so we were wandering around Paris aimlessly and missed a lesson,” said Smith. “It’s not just school work. The weekends were open and a lot of fun, and we saw historical monuments like the catacombs.

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